Cheryl Lazarus

Biba is amazing! Her insights and observations are right on target. During a recent teleclass she analyzed several websites, including mine; offering excellent ideas to enhance and retain traffic. In our first Coaching session, she listened to my concerns and provided a completely different approach to my pricing options. As a result of her suggestions, I now provide special coaching packages within the categories Breakups or Divorce, to Recovery and Renewal, which are appropriate to a clients needs or budget. Thank you Biba for your wisdom, insights and expertise!  I look forward to our future Mastermind Coaching sessions.

Cheryl Lazarus – Breakups, Divorce and  Coaching, NY

Olga Arakelyan

I’m listening for the final remarks of today’s Tuesday webinar series about Networking. I found it really useful and wrote down some great ideas about networking. Biba (our speaker) is a brilliant teacher. Being a teacher myself, I love the way she structured the information and explained everything. And I like the idea of having “virtual coffe” with people before meeting them in person

That means interacting in social media, chatting over Skype etc. I love social media so it’s the most natural thing for me to do :))
Olga Arakelyan – Your professional translator, Russia

“Biba is a phenomenal networker. She has created a unique networking experience that allows people to connect with everyone who attends, and provides a strategy to maximize the potential of doing business. I look forward to being a part of their future events.”
Sonny Azam, Palm Beach – www.barterr.com

Super thank you to Biba Pedron who without ever having met me personally she was always there to help connect me to the right people and she is the one who introduced me to my hero a markerter/promoter and stress remover. The man that kept saying don’t worry I will take care of it so I could concentrate on other tasks! Thank you my Angel Biba!
Hayley B.Colina – http://www.ColinaLaw.com

Deborah Angiolina

I have listened many teleclasses regarding marketing. I found Biba’s class “Top 7 MUST HAVES to Double Your Business by the End of the Year” to be precise, professional and to the point, yet with plenty of “necessary’ information.
The call is very relevant to the new business owner as well as anyone who has been in business for a while. Well done!

Deborah Angiolina, www.merkabahcoaching.com, Miami

Andrea Howard

Thank you for taking the time (and extra time) to talk with me about promoting my business. You gave me some very valuable tools and tips, some which I have already implemented. For example, the black background of my website made the words too difficult to read. so even though I love that look, I switched to a template with a white background so my audience can see what I am saying.
I also love what you said about not trying to sell my services with networking opportunities. I am developing this business because I have become disenchanted with an industry that pushes people to “sell, sell, sell” and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I don’t want to sell things to people, I want my expertise and skills to serve their needs.
What you said about making connections with people and finding things that are of interest and important to them, as mode of operating, fits my personal and professional style. It makes it easy for me to think about networking with others. Andrea Howardwww.socialmediamaxima.com