Originally from France, when I started out in the US, I could barely speak English, didn’t know anything about networking and had no connections; but within 2 years I was known as “The Connection Queen”.

Since then I have grown 2 international businesses specializing in helping people like you develop their business with effective networking, social media and marketing strategies. I have shared my strategies with hundreds of people and guided them to tweaking those strategies to their own businesses. When you discover my systems, you will be excited and amazed at how easily you connect with your target market, expand your business and double your revenue.

I am also one of the Top 2 Women in France recognized as a successful coach in internet marketing.

My goal is to help and advise you on all aspect of your own business to show you the strategies that I use over and over again for myself in my successful 6-figure international businesses and that I teach to my clients. This is your chance to learn how to boost your income, network effectively, attract more clients and get your brand known.

Need help to grow your business, let’s talk! Take the opportunity to pick my brain and see how I can help you with my 15 minute free session “How To Attract More Clients”

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90 Minute Strategy Session
Do you struggle trying to make your business grow but feeling as if you’re just getting by?
I know how you feel because I’ve walked the path you’re on now. I know how frustrating it is to have idea after idea seem to fail – and no matter how hard you try or what you do – nothing seems to work. It took me years to perfect my Follow Up System after thousands of trials and errors. You don’t have to go through the same agony because I am going to share my secrets with you!

90 Minute Strategy Session

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The 90 Day Fast Track
Imagine the day you don’t have to think of your business and feel overwhelmed!  I promise it will happen if you implement the business and marketing plan we establish.

The VIP Strategy Day in Miami
Get ready to concentrate on you and your business because I am inviting you to spend an entire business day working with me ONE-ON-ONE, learning the techniques to invest in you! Together, in the comfort of my Miami home office, we will evaluate and overhaul your business plan. This is not a workshop – it is a full day one-on-one Business Intensive during which you will come away with strategies to become a known expert in your field, create multiple income sources and the solutions to the business problems you may encounter.

If you prefer to do it on your own, I still have the solution for you with my program “Power of Networking Secrets“,a 7-step audio program that will help you maximize your networking efforts and build a network that will take your business to new heights.

Power of Networking Secrets“

Check what people are saying about my coaching and consulting services:

Biba, I want to thank you for all the help that you have given me in the 2 years that I have been a member. You have provided guidance and positive references to your members encouraging them to attend my seminars and allowed me to make 3 presentations to your members. Through these meetings, I have made a number of business connections that have led to dozens of meetings and new clients. It was through your network that I made the connection with the people that have brought me my largest client, including a $100,000.00 contract. The biggest one I ever signed. I feel that your approach is very unique and successful. The small groups allow people to meet and get to know each other. I think that your format is the best and that you are the only group that I have come across that provides these services.
Steve Helfand, WSI, Internet Business Consultant, NY

You will be happy to know, I recently landed a lucrative technology consulting assignment with Moet-Hennesy in Paris, France. Your advice helped me fine tune my networking skills. Using your networking strategies, my technology consulting company, NetTECH Systems, was awarded a 12-15 week consulting contract which will generate $50,000-$60,000 in profit. Thank you so much for caring and sharing, Biba. C. E. Reid, CEO & President, NetTECH Systems – Jersey City, NJ

Super thank you to Biba Pedron who without ever having met me personally she was always there to help connect me to the right people and she is the one who introduced me to my hero the right contact, markerter/promoter and stress remover. The man that kept saying don’t worry I will take care of it so I could concentrate on other tasks! Thank you my Angel Biba!
Hayley B.Colina – –

Biba is amazing! Her insights and observations are right on target. During a recent teleclass she analyzed several websites, including mine; offering excellent ideas to enhance and retain traffic. In our first Coaching session, she listened to my concerns and provided a completely different approach to my pricing options. As a result of her suggestions, I now provide special coaching packages within the categories Breakups or Divorce, to Recovery and Renewal, which are appropriate to a clients needs or budget. Thank you Biba for your wisdom, insights and expertise!  I look forward to our next coaching sessions. Cheryl Lazarus – Breakups, Divorce and  Coaching, NY  –